Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services across Tampa Bay 


Carpeting is a highly complex form of textile. But, wear isn’t the only thing which ages carpeting. Dirt and stains will ruin the fibers of carpeting and cause it to wear out prematurely. That’s why regular cleaning will not only make carpeting look great, but will also extend the number of years before you have to replace it.

But, no one wants to clean carpeting if the cost is too high! That’s why we’ve turned technology to your advantage, making carpet cleaning not only amazing, but also affordable. By using a combination of techniques, we are able to extract the dirt and stains and leave your carpeting looking fantastic. So, between technology and a great price, our carpet and upholstery cleaning is so amazing, it’s irresistible. We call this the Currier Difference.


How often should you clean your carpet?

Every six months is a reasonable average for regular-use carpeting. If there is staining, heavy usage, or the customer owns pets, more frequent cleaning might be desirable. Sometimes upholstery will tell you it needs to be cleaned because it develops an odor.

Which method of carpet cleaning do we use?

We have a method which we’ve created ourselves, to combine the best of industry standards and our own expertise in carpet care. This is a combination of several steps which will leave your carpet looking great! We care for your carpet the same as if we were cleaning our own. First, we do a full dry cleaning, even if it means we need to get on our hands and knees. We will also use prespray. If the spots are not gone after cleaning, we will do them again.

How long do you have to stay off carpet after cleaning?

The biggest problem isn’t staying off the carpet after cleaning. The biggest problem is that people insist on wearing shoes when they walk on the carpeting. A ‘no-shoes’ rule means your carpet will stay looking great, even between cleanings.