Why Fall is a Fabulous Time to Have Carpets and Upholstery Cleaned

Fall is an excellent time to have carpeting and upholstery professionally cleaned. Summer is over, and these are some of the reasons homeowners choose fall as the time to have a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. 

The kids are back in school. 


Many children are home for the summer, which means a lot of potential for sticky messes. If an adult spills something, it’s likely to be wiped up immediately. Not so much so when the spill involves a child. Children don’t have full cognizance of the ramifications of a spill, especially on upholstery or carpet. Once they’re back in school, the number of spills goes down.

Seasonal weather

October will see the end of the wet season, which means the end of mud and dripping people or pets coming in out of the rain. Dollar for dollar, the beginning of the dry season is the best value for carpet and upholstery cleaning if your front door faces rain. Those who live in a home with a front door which funnels in from an inner corridor such as an apartment or other multi-family housing have more leeway.

Before the holiday season

Holidays bring guests and the desire for your home interior to look its best. Before the shopping and cooking become a second job, why not have a professional manage the cleaning of carpets and upholstery? It frees up time, and a professional has the right products and equipment to make furniture and rugs look fantastic.


It is also true that many people would prefer to wait until after the holidays to have carpeting and upholstery cleaned. While waiting is excellent for many people, some have stains or excessive dirt and don’t want to wait. The choice is as individual as the many families we serve, and we appreciate the merits of both sides. Some families will want to have us to visit twice a year. How often depends on the amount of foot traffic, pets, children, and the amount and quality of cleaning between professional cleanings. 

Taking care of a home is a big job. We understand the fight to keep things clean and hope our customers will turn to us when they are upset or unhappy about the condition of their home. The point of having a professional service is to minimize your struggles. As an additional option, we can also clean tile and grout, meaning all of the floors and other surfaces in the home can start from the same level of cleanliness.

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