Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Home

Most of us are busy people, preoccupied with a good number of activities to distract us on any given day. But, homeownership involves some responsibilities, one of which is keeping our home in good shape.

Today we’re going to talk about some signs that your home may need some attention. While pressure washing isn’t the answer to everything, it’s an excellent option for many reasons. Here are some of them


Exterior siding

Everyone wants their home to look great, but painting the exterior of a home is expensive and isn’t always the best option. A professional pressure washing company can make a home exterior look bright and fresh at a fraction of the cost of painting.

Driveways, patios, and decks

Grease, dirt, mold, and plant debris can make walkways and other hardscape features look dingy. Pressure washing cleans away dirt, chemicals, organic matter, and organisms which can make hardscape features ugly.

Gutters and downspouts

Gutters and downspouts provide the means to divert water, but in the process, they can become clogged with dirt, mold, and plant debris. Gutters benefit significantly from a proper pressure washing between seasons to keep them running smoothly.


Some homes feature doors which are painted a lighter color than the rest of the home, which means when your house gets dirty, the doors look dirty! Of course, this also means that after doors are pressure washed, they look immaculate!

Window shutters and trim

Like their counterpart the door, window frames, shutters and trim are often painted a different color than the rest of the house. Another issue is that birds, spiders, and bugs are fond of building their homes in the crevices created by trim. Pressure washing is a great way to get rid of old nests, webs, and egg casings.


A home which hasn’t been pressure washed in a long time will start to smell like dirt and mold. For those who are allergic, it may even cause respiratory issues. A pressure washing will make an exterior home look and smell clean and fresh.

You wouldn’t think of not washing your clothes or your car, but cleaning your home exterior is a big job! A professional pressure washer knows how to do it right, has the tools and equipment, and can do a great job. Why not call and schedule an appointment to have us come pressure wash your home exterior, leaving you free to enjoy your beautiful, clean house and the activities that make you happy?

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