How Pressure Washing is Like Baking Bread


Have you ever baked bread? The recipe is in any basic cookbook — a few ingredients, some kneading, and bake.

But, most people don't bake their own bread. The tools, the mixing, the technique, and time required all make a difference. As a result, the average person now prefers to buy their bread at the store. Like baking bread or any other skill, successful pressure washing is based on a lot of different factors which contribute to a successful outcome, the biggest of which is experience.


In pressure washing a home, driveway, wall, or pool area, the equipment, nozzles, cleaners, and even the temperature of the water all come together for an optimal cleaning outcome. Pressure washing, like baking, is a skill and an art which comes together for the technician only after learning the basics and then achieving a level of experience by applying those basics hundreds or thousands of times.

Before painting

I can't bake bread like my mom. Mom can't bake bread like a professional chef. The reason this analogy is relevant is that you, like most people, probably spent a good chunk of money on buying your house or building your pool. Improper pressure washing will have poor results. Excellent results are particularly important during the mold removal process and before painting since paint doesn't bond well to dirt and other particles. A poor outcome will result in a poor paint job.

We have the tools, the skill and the experience!

We have the tools, the skill and the experience!

Potential for damage

Pressure can cause furring of wood, crumbling mortar, leave water in areas where it can create mold, and not clean the surfaces as they should be. Because your home is an investment, the very process which was supposed to clean and increase the value of your home mustn't turn into a potentially damaging event. The average home doesn't need to be pressure washed often enough for a homeowner to develop the proficiency which will create a beautiful outcome.

The professional difference

When homeowners elect to have a professional pressure wash their home, patio, or pool area, the most significant thing they notice is the difference having a professional makes. Their home is undamaged, professionally cleaned, and looks fantastic, which makes it well worth the investment. Most people, after having their home professionally pressure washed, never go back to doing it themselves or going without it.

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