Essential Cleaning Chores for Your Home

Being in the cleaning business, we bring relief to families who have been dealing with the effects of dirt, grime, oils, and bacteria in their carpeting, upholstery, and floors. 

While some are determined to take cleaning to the next level, most people don't have a great deal of spare time. But, there are some simple things a homeowner can do beyond professional cleaning. Here are a few of them:

Proactive pest control

Taking some time to caulk and seal the cracks in your home, doors, and windows will make it hard for the bug population to gain purchase in your home, where they can breed and thrive.  Keep food in tight-fitting containers, and don't be reluctant to set out sticky traps--away from the reach of children and pets, of course. Don't forget the garage, especially if it's attached to your home.

Minimize moisture

Minimize the amount of moisture which is permitted to remain in the home, such as wet towels or clothing. Opening two or more windows for even a short period on less humid days will allow circulation and get rid of stale air.  HVAC filters should be changed regularly, especially in homes with pets or other conditions. Using vent fans during cooking and showers will minimize the damage from moisture and grease. Run your vehicle for the shortest possible time in the attached garage to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the home through the connecting door, or add an exhaust fan.

Little repairs


Conducting small repairs before they become more significant or even out of control is an excellent deterrent to more complicated situations. Plumbing leaks, for example, can go from being small and innocuous to extensive and expensive.

Alarmingly safe

Keep smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors tested and working at all times. Fire extinguishers should be ready and handy. Also, each family member should know the location and safe operation of the main water shutoff valve and the main electrical switch. 


A welcome mat and doormat at every entrance will help contain dirt before it enters your home. Even pet doors and litter boxes should have corresponding mats to keep grit and grime from moving into living areas.

We know that time is at a premium and that telling people to do more cleaning chores is not always a practical solution.  Regular professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, in addition to tile cleaning and pressure washing regularly, will keep the proliferation of dirt in a home to a minimum. The house will look great, and its inhabitants less prone to respiratory ailments with a minimum amount of fuss on the part of the homeowner. To find out more, contact us.

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